Classic City Labradoodles' Gallagher

SPECS: Tri-Color, Full Chocolate and White Parti. Carries for all colors, including Parti and Tri-Color

Our chocolate and vanilla dream, Gallagher is a stocky, stunning boy! His  good looks, dreamy green eyes and mellow personality, are a perfect compliment to this gorgeous Labradoodle package. His markings are amazing, and he carries for all colors including parti and tri-color.

Gallagher has a confident, yet gentle and affectionate personality. He loves everyone he meets and has been a hit with the ladies. A playful soul, Gallagher enjoys time going for walks with his family or romping around with his canine friends in the yard. We are excited to have Gallagher as part of our program and we are super excited to see what he produces. Thank you, Danny, from Classic City Labradoodles, for this amazing opportunity!

Spring Valley Labradoodles' August "Gus"


SPECS: Solid Iced Caramel. Carries for all colors. Does not carry for Parti, or Phantom

Known as "Gus, The Friendly Labradoodle", August lives up to his name. This caramel dream loves everyone he meets! I mean, EVERYONE! There's not a dog or person that Gus can't befriend. This exceptionally sweet boy is smart and playful. We had Gus here in our home for a few weeks as a puppy before he went to his guardian family. He is an extremely affectionate soul, who enjoys the company of his people and other dogs. Gus loves to please, but also loves attention. This boy has the best family! He is the baby and thus is treated as such. You could not not fall in love with Gus. He gentle and playful ways, coupled with his boyish good looks are hard to resist! We are grateful to be introducing Gus to our program and are excited about what he will bring to Autumn Lane Doodles. Thank you, Michelle of Spring Valley Labradoodles, for this awesome opportunity!

Westfields Labradoodles' Theodore Graeme "Graeme"


SPECS: Caramel-Red (Liver Nose); Rufus gene presumed; Carries for all colors, including Parti. Does not carry for Phantom

Known as my "Gramburger", this caramel-red boy is the total package!

Gorgeous and built solid, this small-medium boy is a gentle and affectionate spirit, who has a similar temperament to his father, Weber. With his stunning chest of white, Graeme is smart, affectionate and playful. He can usually be found curled up next to me on the couch, or enjoying the great outdoors with the rest of our pack. Graeme has a beautiful, thick, wavy coat and loving hazel eyes. He is a happy, laid back guy, who usually has a smile on his face and a wag to his tail, just like his Dad. We are so grateful to be introducing Graeme into our program, and we are excited to see the gorgeous puppies he makes. Thank you, Yolanda, of Westfield's Labradoodles for aligning the stars and enabling Graeme to join our program!