Client Review

….We absolutely loved our time with Teresa, her family, and our experience with Autumn Lane. I'd love to provide you some feedback and please feel free to write back with any future questions that may come up. We had many concerns when picking both a breed and breeder. First, it was our first dog together and my gf truly had some allergy concerns and did not want shedding. Her Australian Labradoodles were and are the perfect fit. Our boy Hudson is the love of our life and he is soft, cuddly, non shedding and allergy free! I can tell you that the early days in the puppies lives are by far the most important. The care and attention they received both from Teresa and her kids was noticed immediately. Our puppy was so smart, easily trainable, sweet, loving and eager to be a part of our life. We would truly recommend her, her entire family, her approach, and most importantly her care. She's not just a breeder, she was their mother, caretaker. Truly I can give you two stories that spoke volumes to me about who they are. First, the day we picked up the puppies was a highlight for us. They spent all afternoon introducing us and giving us their early puppyhood background and best practices. All the puppies had a connection both to her and her children. When we all left their tears of happiness and loss were apparent. This to me said it all! They aren't just selling puppies, they are raising future family members and took the time to pair the right puppies with the right families. Second, I was very overly communicative and needed constant attention as my excitement was a bit out of control. She handled me with grace and answered when she had time only AFTER her responsibilities were through with the puppies. She followed through on EVERYTHING she promised. Our boy Hudson is very happy, healthy, well behaved and fully house trained at 10 weeks!   

Kind Regards, B.M.

Client Review

When my husband and I began the process of looking to bring a labradoodle puppy into our home, we were referred to Autumn Lane Doodles by another breeder and we are so glad they referred Teresa.  

From the first time we spoke on the phone, I could tell how dedicated and passionate Teresa was with her breeding program. My husband and I instantly agreed, we wanted our future puppy from Autumn Lane Doodles and filled out the application for the waiting list. The process was such a great experience! From the moment Claire became pregnant with her puppies, Teresa always gave us updates on how she was doing and kept us informed along the way.  

The most exciting day came when Teresa announced 5 puppies were born in the late/early hours of October 5th and 6th 2015. We were overjoyed with excitement and were constantly checking our emails and the Autumn Lane Doodle Website with weekly updates of how the puppies were learning and growing. We felt so comfortable watching our puppy grow surrounded by Teresa's loving family and could not wait for the day to find out which one would be ours.  

We received the most exciting email in late November when we found out the little boy with the red collar would be ours! Teresa constantly kept in touch with us and provided us with lots of information, things we would need, and how to prep our home before we came to pick him up.  

On one early Saturday in December, my husband and I set our alarm clocks in anticipation to drive to Maryland from New Jersey to finally meet our little guy! We pulled up to a beautiful home and were welcomed into Teresa's house with warm smiles and hugs! The moment you walk into her home, you can feel the love in the room and hear the coos of the beautiful puppies playing together in their playpen. Teresa gathered us around with our new puppy in her living room and gave us a packet of information and discussed the "how to's" and "what to do's" when we first bring him home and help him continue to learn and grow with our new family. After a few hours, we said our goodbye's and started our journey back home to New Jersey with our "red boy" Buster.  

Today, Buster is the most loving, affectionate, caring dog. He has such the personality! He loves to give kisses and curl up in our lap every chance he gets. He is our best friend and we couldn't imagine living our lives without him. He loves to be active, and his curious nature constantly makes me laugh. He loves to play outside and go on walks. His favorite thing to do is run after tennis balls and play catch. When my husband and I watch movies together, Buster always makes sure he has a spot curled up right between us or on our laps. When it's time to play, he will let us know by grabbing his favorite toy and dropping it next to us, while pawing at our feet, looking up at us with his cute little face. We love our dog Buster and are so thankful we found Teresa at Autumn Lane Doodles.  

We HIGHLY recommend Autumn Lane Doodles to anyone looking to bring a labradoodle into their family.  

Sincerely, J.T.


Client Review

Late summer of 2016 I started my search for my first ALD. We already had two English Goldendoodles in our family. I checked out many ALD breeders, some that my friends with ALD’s, got theirs from. No one had any puppies available that I wanted. I was disappointed, but thought about all the breeders I had researched and decided to go with Autumn Lane Doodles. Smartest choice ever!

I found Teresa very easy to work with...I really appreciated that she was flexible and so accommodating. Jypsy will be spayed at six months old. We were kept informed as to when the pregnancy was confirmed and when our puppy was born. Pictures and videos were provided along with updates on how she was progressing. Throughout the pregnancy and waiting for Jypsy to come to her forever home, Teresa always made herself available to answer any questions or concerns. She made me feel that Jypsy was in the best place she could be. I loved that her family was involved in Jypsy’s care and provided her with lots of love and attention.

My other doodles have accepted Jypsy into the pack as if she were with them since birth. I have never had a puppy that has fit into our family so easily. I believe it had a lot of do with Jypsy’s time spent with Teresa, her family and canine kids. She knew how to be a member of the pack. I highly recommend Teresa as caring breeder who loves what she does. We will be coming back when looking for another puppy. She has become more than just Jypsy’s breeder, she is a friend.

Jypsy Rose: Delilah/Schoggi 2017


Client Review

Tace: Claire/Orion 2015 (White Boy)

Tace is such a wonderful dog and we just love him so much. He truly is the best all around dog I have ever owned! He gets along great with all other dogs, he LOVES people, he is snuggly, and very obedient (well, for a one year old puppy :) He is also very vocal, which is hilarious. He sometimes carries on "conversations" with my daughter (his favorite) and it's super cute.

I know you are always curious about how your puppies turn out, so here's a summary:
He weighs about 22 pounds right now and is a beautiful chocolate color with lighter coloring around his face. His coat is very soft and he doesn't shed at all. We do have to be careful to brush him so he doesn't matte, but I keep him a little longer than I should because I think he's so cute shaggy.

He is VERY high energy and LOVES to run. We walk him at least a couple miles a day and let him run in a farmer's field behind our neighborhood. We will stand at opposite ends of the field and he will joyfully run back and forth until he is exhausted!! He loves the car, but only if we go and get our daughter. He gets upset if someone gets out of the car and doesn't come back :) He hasn't had any health problems at all. He is not food motivated at all. He takes forever to eat sometimes and is just as likely to play with his treat as eat it. He just loves attention and wants to be on your lap (or actually up near your neck/face) if you are sitting down. He is best buddies with our other dog, Hudson. They play together and sleep together. We also have two puppies on either side of us and they love to play when Hudson needs a break.

Everyone who meets Tace loves him and plenty of people have asked us about our breeder. Our kids in college are determined to get a puppy from you someday too!



Client Review

Teresa with Autumn Lane Labradoodles is awesome, and I would highly recommend (no, insist) considering her for your newest family member! I have not just one, but two fur-babies from her sweet Claire and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

After over a year of dreaming and researching about having my very first dog, I contacted a few labradoodle breeders in the MD, PA and DE area. While the other breeders were responsive to my inquiries, from the start, Teresa was very personable as she called me shortly after receiving my application for her upcoming litter to get to know me. Through the entire process, she was very invested in getting to know me and my family’s dynamic so as to best match us with a puppy personality. Teresa made sure that I felt prepared to bring Murphy home and that all of my questions were answered. She kept us updated through her website, Facebook, and periodic e-mails offering resources for bringing home our puppy. My vet’s office complimented that her “welcome home” package was much more comprehensive than most they had seen.

I can tell that her devoted nature and careful attention to every detail of rearing the puppies is a wonderful extension of her years of practicing as a nurse. Teresa is very knowledgeable and transparent about every aspect of the Autumn Lane Labradoodles program. She is the first to tell me about the lessons she’s learned with rearing puppies and how she’s improved her breeding program with each litter. The great support system that Teresa has built for her program in her wonderful vets and trainer and breeder friends is an extra added bonus. If Teresa wasn’t positive about something or she didn’t know the answer to my questions (which was rare), she would consult her support system and always got back to me much sooner than I had expected.

I was fortunate to have a unique experience with Teresa that I think can attest to her dedication to each puppy and family. Shortly after bringing Murphy home, we learned that his sister from the same litter was available after her originally planned home was no longer able to have her. My family and I were overjoyed with Murphy (I know I’m biased, but he’s an awesome pup!), and we wanted to at least entertain the idea of bringing his sister home. I knew I could confide in Teresa to tell her about my interest and my hesitations in bringing a second puppy home, and that she would be honest with me about her thoughts of having littermates in the same home while looking out for both Murphy’s and his sister’s wellbeing regardless of the most beneficial option for her business. For the next few days, we both did our research about the pro’s and con’s of bringing up littermates. Teresa consulted her vet, breeder friends, and trainers, and presented me with the various information that she had gathered- which was a mixed bag of important cautions and helpful tips. Not once did I feel pressured or that Teresa was trying to sway me towards bringing home a second puppy. In fact, she encouraged me to take my time with the decision. With Teresa’s help, I felt like I was able to make an informed decision and I could be confident that Gracie would be a great addition to our family.  

Since bringing Gracie home, and now being a first time mom of two fur-babies, Teresa has been a trusted resource for advice on anything from being a multiple dog home, training and socialization tips, to finding great dog products at an affordable price. Autumn Lane Doodles isn’t just a business for Teresa, it’s definitely a passion that she and her entire family are involved with. She truly loves and cares deeply for each and every puppy that she rears, and she knows each one by name and their unique personality. As you might be able to tell, I just can’t speak highly enough about Autumn Lane Doodles and would be happy to sing their praises to you should you be interested in reaching out!

Most Sincerely,