Puppy Preparation

Bringing Baby Home!

You've been anticipating this moment of finally holding your new baby in your arms! We remember that excitement as well. It is an exciting and sometimes emotional moment for families....

We frequently get questions about what puppies will need when they come home. We appreciate these questions and want families to feel prepared.

A puppy, like a human baby, is inquisitive, playful and energetic! They love to explore and get into things, so, just like our human babies, careful "puppy proofing" of your home is a must. The world looks much different from the floor, which is where your new puppy will be most active.  Your furniture will become their playground, as they find hiding places under and behind your sofa, as well as "hidden" treasures, like pencils, pens, coins, etc. Cords may also be super tempting to the teething pup. Keeping items elevated and out of puppies reach will help puppy stay safe as they acclimate to their new environment. 

Some must have items will include:

  • A crate for puppy to sleep and rest, and to be safely maintained when puppy is unable to be watched.
  • For puppies still working on their potty training, (which most by 8 or 9 weeks, will still be perfecting the art of holding and releasing their bladders and bowels), paper towels and safe cleaning solutions (such as Chlorhexidine) are appropriate to have on hand.
  • Food and water bowls appropriate for the age and size of your puppy. Your puppy should  have access to fresh water up to an appropriate time in the evening, when it should be removed. This is done to help promote successful potty and crate training. One should always take into consideration the activity level of puppy and seasonal temperature, as we never want puppy to become dehydrated.
  • Training treats should be of "high level". When I say "high level", I don't necessarily mean high price. High level training treats for your puppy are going to be those treats that they find so desirable, they will want to work hard to earn them. We often use chicken hot dogs pieces , liver treats and small bits of cheese.
  • Chew Deterrent, such as "Bitter Apple", may save shoes and kitchen table and chair legs as puppy goes through the teething stage
  • Puppy collar and puppy leash are great items to have on hand. The collar should be appropriate to puppy's size (you should only be able to comfortably fit two fingers under collar once appropriately adjusted). I ALWAYS highly recommend registering your puppy's microchip, but for quick identification, in the event your pup gets away from you, a name tag, with your contact information on it, as well as puppy's name, is super helpful. Remember, leash walking is a learned skill. It requires patience and practice for a puppy/dog to "correctly" walk on a leash. However, letting the puppy walk around your home with a leash on without guidance, is great in getting puppy used to having something attached to their collar.
  • A good brush and comb, as well as puppy shampoo and even puppy cleaning wipes are great to have on hand. Brushing puppy can be relaxing for both you and puppy. Frequent maintenance of puppy/dog's coat will also help to prevent matting
  • Appropriate and safe puppy toys, such as soft toys made for puppies/dogs, chew sticks, and balls will prevent boredom, help with teething, and help with puppy's energy. I always recommend supervision with toys and chew sticks. 

The Puppy Starter Pack

Aside from your attention, love and training, there are a few basic items that we recommend for new puppies (as mentioned on this page). There are also items that our puppies love and enjoy during their time with us. So, we thought....Hey, wouldn't it just make sense to have these items available for folks to pick up, along with their new bundle of joy?  With that question in mind, we are pleased to offer a Puppy Starter Pack. This optional Pack comes with some essential items for puppy that are needed to continue and reinforce the training that your puppy has received during their time with us, as well as some goodies too! And best of all, the Puppy Starter Pack is ready to take home with your new baby! Please email us for more information about The Puppy Starter Pack and pricing!