At Autumn Lane Doodles, we are always striving to do how we breed our dogs, in how we rear our dogs and puppies, and in our day to day operational processes. As we consider the health and well-being of our dogs and puppies and how to improve their life and longevity, we have given a lot of thought to how we feed our Doodles.

While we know that genetics plays a large role in health and well-being, we also know that how we feed our canine companions affects them from head to toe. From eyes, to skin, to coat, to heart health, to the immune system, we want to feed a wholesome and nutritious diet so as to promote optimal health in our dogs and puppies.

The world of dog food is SO complex with what seems to be never-ending options. A trip down the dog food aisle in your local pet store can leave you a bit overwhelmed. So many options! With the recent dog food recalls, as well as the formula changes to dog foods that we are familiar with, we continue to assess our Labradoodle's diet for three critical components: quality, accountability and palatability...

Additionally, with new concerns centered around diets that may leave our dogs potentially more susceptible to cardiac disease and abnormalities, we continue to be extremely thoughtful  about the nutritional choices we make for our dogs, and thus, the recommendations we make to our puppy families...

We are now proudly recommending Purina Pro Plan Puppy and Adult Dog Foods for our puppies and adult dogs. We have done lots of reading, conferred with out vets and determined that Purina meets the nutritional needs to keep our puppies and dogs healthy, happy and conditioned. 

Purina Pro Plan comes in many flavors and several types. Our puppies and dogs are enjoying the Purina diet and we are pleased to note that even our puppies transitioning from Mom's milk to puppy food have done extremely well transitioning to the Purina Pro Plan diet.

You can purchase Purina Pro Plan diet in stores and online stores, such as