Autumn Lane's Piper Edison

AKA "Pipes", Piper is our caramel cutie out of our Claire and Avonlee's Orion! Piper, like her momma, is an energetic girl, who enjoys running and playing outdoors, but then can settle down for lots of love and snuggles. The perfect size, Piper loves to be on your lap and is always at your side. She is obedient, loyal, attentive and aims to please. We are delighted to welcome Piper to our program as the first girl out of Autumn Lane! Piper is a gorgeous girl with expressive eyes and long amber eyelashes. She has a beautiful, non-shedding, soft, wavy, caramel coat with white markings on her chest, chin and muzzle. Her lean and petite physique makes her agile as well as the perfect size for love and snuggles.  A lovely little lady, we are excited to see what Piper brings to our program!

Autumn Lane's Paisley's Parti

AKA "Paas", "Baby"; Our Paisley is an awesome girl! Cute and comical; fast and furry; lovable and smart, Paisley is a colorful character who has been winning hearts since her debut in January 2016! We love this girl!! She is the perfect combination of her parents, Delilah and Guinness, with stellar health testing, great hair and an awesome personality! This black and white beauty is energetic and playful! Whether it be a good game of fetch, or just playing chase with the other dogs. Paisley also has an endearing, affectionate side and can often be found curled up next to you waiting to have her belly rubbed. This easy going, attentive girl is eager to please and loves to learn new tricks. Our funny, fuzzy baby girl, a lovable "muppet" like her momma; we are super pleased to welcome Paisley to the Autumn Lane program!