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Ghirardelli St. Claire

Our beautiful Claire is one of our foundation girls from Eden Valley Manor. This beautiful, stocky chocolate mini girl is full of character and charisma.  Claire has been and is the pride of our program. She has given us beautiful puppies, with amazing personalities and energy! Claire is obedient, affectionate and eager to please. She is energetic, agaile and bright; and now recently retired, we are excited to see Claire enter the next phase of her amazing life. We are pleased to Claire  for sale at this time. We see Claire fitting in with a family with  older children or empty nesters. Claire is extremely affectionate and used to being the baby. She loves to be around her people and especially enjoys activities that allow her to run and play. Then settles nicely by your side, or more preferably in your lap. 


DOB: January 14, 2014

Age: 5 yo

Sex: Female

Color: Chocolate

Coat Type: Curly; Non-Shedding, Allergy-friendly Fleece

Size: Mini; about 26lbs

Price: $3000

Availability: Available Now

Please call or email for additional information. ***Serious inquiries only please.

Serious applicants, please complete a Puppy appilcation and indicate "Claire" as Desired Litter. Applications should be emailed to autumnlanedoodles@gmail.com.