Autumn Lane Doodles is a family owned business, dedicated to the breeding of quality, allergy-friendly Australian Multi-generation Labradoodles. Located in Carroll County, Maryland, our puppies are raised in our home. We are passionate about breeding Labradoodles for awesome physical and personality traits, with the sole goal of providing you with a puppy that will bring much love and joy to your home.

We are in love with the  Labradoodle breed, and we are always excited to share our story and our experience with others! I am a Registered Nurse (x 20 years). Our story started out like many you may have read. Our youngest daughter has allergies to cats and dogs. She also had a terrible fear of dogs. Our family was longing for a pet that would have the least impact on her allergies, as well as to hopefully quell some of the fear she had (This is one of those..."Don't try this at home" moments. Literature will tell you that getting a family dog to "cure" a fear of dogs is a poor idea). We knew getting a dog would be a gamble, as she is most allergic to the saliva (and we couldn't be sure that her fear would be alleviated), but we did quite a bit of research and discovered that many, with stories similar to ours, had success with the Labradoodle. The more we read, the more we fell in love with the breed. We kept our youngest daughter very involved with the process (letting her take pictures to school to show her class, talking about the puppy coming home, and how she could be a helper). We brought Parker home in March of 2013. My daughter has not had any adverse reactions to Parker, and she is crazy about him (and Parker is a kisser, so she gets plenty of exposure). The best part is that she doesn't have that fear of dogs anymore. So, for us, this whole journey has been a win/win.

I love animals and I have had dogs all of my life. There's nothing like the unconditional love and companionship that we receive from our dogs. Good days, bad days, a dog always sees you the same. You are their person and they love you regardless of what's going on. Having Parker, learning about the Labradoodle breed and appreciating (as well as respecting) the work of our breeder to ensure that we received the right puppy for our specific family needs, made me very desirous to learn more and participate in the good work of breeding Multi-generation Labradoodles.

Our Labradoodles are not just "breeding stock". They are a beloved part of our family, raised and trained in our home (or a guardian home). Unlike a kennel, our Labradoodles have space inside and outside of our home to eat, run, play and sleep (sleeping sometimes with children). They go with us on errands and to visit family. They also receive lots of exposure to children, noise, the outside environment, and other animals (dogs, guinea pigs) will your puppy.

We are always excited as we anticipate the prospect of breeding our awesome girls with studs for puppies that will bring out the best physical and social characteristics of both parents! The adventure of quality breeding is a building process. We work with our dogs to ensure proper socialization, health testing... and most importantly, making sure that they are happy, healthy and confident souls! As we work towards our goal of providing you with an amazing puppy, we hope that you will share in our journey. Please enjoy our site and visit us frequently as we make updates.


Teresa Gillis and Family

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